About Us

KRUK Investimenti S.r.L. is a securitization vehicle specialized in purchasing large receivables portfolios. It is a Limited Liability Company with sole administrator Catalin Cucu, and is part of the KRUK Group, market leader of receivables management in Central Europe.

The purpose of KRUK Investimenti is to let them be serviced by receivables management companies. The company is open on investments of receivables from financial institutions, insurance companies or utilities companies.

Daily operating activity of KRUK Investimenti S.r.L. gains from the experience made on cooperation with banks, investment funds and collection agencies in Europe. What KRUK Investimenti offers to its Partners: a professionalism in process of joint investment projects on the receivables.

KRUK Investimenti’s target is to ensure securitization of any intended transaction or arrangement that Partners are offering. The securitization of receivables can be considered as a modern tool that leads to efficient management of large debt portfolios which includes both retail debts and business. This financial instrument is being frequently used in large structured finance projects by banks, telecoms, leasing companies and other commercial institutions.

With securitization creditors have opportunity to easily and quickly transfer their receivable, including the risk associated with them. Also securitization enables capital for business activity and it helps improving balance sheets for creditors.

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